Before reading the meter , put on dielectric footwear. With him in the porch or hall, take a flashlight, even if the room is well lit. In any case, do not read the testimony in the light matches, candles, lighters. For clicking the spin button you will need to open the flap. Do not touch it to any live parts, even if they seem isolated. Do not touch anything except the buttons.
Aim the flashlight on the counter display if the indications on it are badly visible.
Check in which mode you have configured the counter: manual or automatic. Switching between these modes manually is impossible, it can be done only by the employees of the dispatch by special communication lines (if any). If the flap is closed on the lock, and the display of the meter switches between segments "T1", "T2", "T3" and "Sum" means automatic mode. When on any of the segments with the letter "T" and the digit indications on the display correspond to the rate number associated with this figure. When the included segment Sum, the readings correspond to the sum of all three rates.
If the counter is configured to work in manual mode, the indicator is always on the segment with the letter "T" and number of the tariff, which is valid in the current time of day. To switch segments "T1", "T2", "T3" and "Amount", press the upper key - they switch on the ring, and the display will appear the corresponding information. Only write the corresponding rates indications.
In case of three rates, the calculation of the cost consumed per month energy to exercise according to the following formula:C=(t1*e1)+(t2*e2)+(t3/e3), where c is the total cost consumed per month energy (RUB), en is the amount of energy consumed per month at the rate n (kWh), tn - the cost of one kilowatt-hour of electricity at the rate n ( € ).