Every working person, regardless of the type of the contract, on leave of at least 28 calendar days. For juveniles, this figure is 31 days for the disabled at 30 days, and teachers, doctors and some other categories have a rest from 42 to 56 calendar days.
So, your task is to write an application for granting leave from a selected date. The user permits (or permit), and the Union approves the decision. The result of applying all of the operating organization prepared the vacation schedule. Although there are categories that you can leave outside (pregnant employees, minors, pregnant wife). Two weeks before the start of the new year the administration is obliged in writing to acquaint employees with the vacation schedule.
Well, if the vacation was carefully planned, but sometimes you have to change plans. The employee may write a letter with a request to transfer vacation or split it into parts, but you must specify a reason. It should be noted that the administration may not agree to meet and reject the application if the reason seem disrespectful, or business reasons.
To divide his vacation into several parts needed vacation schedule and a bilateral agreement. The administration is not very fond of holidaysth workers in one-and two-day vacation, and accountant usually are against – it is difficult to calculate holiday pay.
Very often in such a case, refer to article 15 of the Constitution, which States that if the law is different from the RF ratified by the Russian Federation of international law, shall apply last. Russia ratified the Convention of the International labour organization on annual leavex, which admits a section break away but recommends to be limited by two periods (with the exception of emergencies), working to able to relax. Therefore, most employers prefer to follow this rule. However, if your employer agrees, you can share a vacation even one day, the main thing - to one part of the vacation lasted at least 14 days.