You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - the form of order in form T-6;
  • - accounting and HR documents;
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation.
The period of leaveand the employee specified in the schedule of vacations, its duration shall be 28 calendar days. Personnel officer written notification to the employee about the upcoming annual vacation. e. the Accountant is a note-calculation (form T-60), which are calculated vacation- ing. The amount of money calculated on the basis of the period for which is the main vacation. If the employee has been with the company for over a year, it is taken for 12 calendar months. If the specialist placed on the enterprise less than the specified period, is taken into account the period of execution of labour function.
For registration of the leaveand the employee should use the form of the order T-6. It fit the company name, city cat she is. The order is numbered, dated. In the administrative part must contain the personal data of the employee, his employee number, position, name of the service (Department), where he works. The period and number of days of vacationas specified in accordance with the schedule of vacationagents. The order shall be signed by the Director. Students must read the document by putting in the line of review your signature and date.
If a vacation falls on a holiday (non-working) days, and specialist you can extend or reschedule annual leave. To do this, he should write addressed to the Director an application requesting renewal or transfer of a main vacation. The document is dated, signed by the employee. The content of the document indicates the number of days for which you want to extend or reschedule the days of vacation. A statement endorsed by the Manager of the company.
In the case of an extension or postponement of the vacationand due to the fact that his days fell on holidays, the Director should issue an order. It is made in any form and must comply with the rules of the proceedings.
On the extension Il transfer vacationand make the necessary changes to the approved schedule leaves, a personal card of the employee, his personal account.
Employees will be entitled to extra remuneration for holidays, the amount of which is determined by the collective agreement and the opportunity employer. The staff mostly leavee during the festive days, such payments are not entitled.