Call your mobile operator to block your lost phone. There is the customer support center. His phone should be labeled on the package you have purchased SIM card. If the package has not survived, go on the Internet. Using any convenient for you to search online find the official website of your operator.
View the phone number of the support center. Calls to his mobile numbers of the same operator should be free. Take some familiar mobile to block the SIM card. Call the operator, explain the situation, expressed a desire to block your mobile phone. This whole operation should not take much time.
Go to the official website of your mobile operator to block a stolen phone online. There is a special chat for customer service. Go to it. Describe your problem, let me know when were lost or stolen phone, your name, surname and patronymic. The operator within the shortest time will block your cell phone number and will let you know.
Visit the nearest branch of your mobile operator. Please contact any of the staff offices with the request to block your mobile phone due to loss or theft. The employee will either block your number yourself or have the opportunity to contact the customer support center. One way or another, your mobile number will be blocked in the near future.
You can immediately write a statement to restore your SIM card, if so desired. It does not take much time. For these purposes, bring your passport. Note that the new SIM card, even with the same mobile number, will be another pin.