Call your operator and tell us what happened. Ask immediately to block your SIM card from which calls will be impossible. When it becomes necessary in the customer service center you will be able to recover your SIM card without much effort. At the same time you order identification of all calls that could be made immediately after the loss of the phone.
Go to the nearest branch of internal Affairs at the place of loss. Apply about a lost phone, and email all the necessary papers. It is possible that law enforcement representatives will meet you coldly, do not always love our police to do the search of small appliances. Insist that you have accepted the statement and so began the search of your property. No matter whether you lost the phone or it really was stolen from the moment you submit your application, this issue is not yours, and the police. Over the next 10 days will be taken expeditious actions for search of the alleged perpetrators and the adoption of a decision on initiation of criminal case.
How to block <b>phone</b> <em>stealing</em>
Specify the serial number of your mobile phone (IMEI). It is in the documents to the phoneand directly under the battery phone. According to him, the police will be able to know where is the phone right after it becomes active, which allows it to detect and return to the owner.
Remind the readers about yourself to people searching your phoneand remember that first and foremost you need it, and the more your contribution, the more chances for a positive outcome.
How to block <b>phone</b> <em>stealing</em>