Mobile phone is one of the most important components of modern life. But what if you lost it? Immediately try to call him. It is possible that the call will render you the feasible help in his quest, because the phone can be a few meters away from you.

If you don't hear the magic warble standing on your machine, then the events may develop in three options. It is possible that the phone has not yet been found, so it is best to return to the place where, according to your estimates, you can lose it. Borrow a phone from friends and heading to the place of the alleged loss, try calling camera. Remember that you need to call often, but not for long as a long call the phone to detect, though easier, but find it can the person who want to assign the discovery to himself.

Easier only in that case if the phone was found, and the finder is ready to return. He will answer your call and assign you an appointment. It will be nice if you thank him a reasonable reward.

If when you call in your room you hear a voice that tells you that the phone has been turned off, then most likely your cell phone you will see. The answering service of your network operator means that the new owner of your phone it deactivated or simply threw your SIM card, replacing it with his own.

On your phone enabled pin code request? Then the probability that you are forever separated from her unit, increasing it more, because without knowing the code to return the cell phone will be impossible. If this service is not activated, it is recommended to contact the Department of customer service of your network and ask them to block the SIM card. You need to know the data of its owner, it is important to remember that if the room was decorated in someone else's name (for example, when the parents buy the Sims children).

It happens that with the operators of your network contact is not possible, and on your personal account substantial amount you do not want anyone to give or you are a subscriber of the credit plan. In this situation, it is best to call on the lost phone. If the machine does not the battery, then most likely, the finder turned it off, tired of the annoying calls. When the phone is turned off, you will be able to block the SIM card.