For reliable bonding glass to metal, you must use VERIFIX MV 750 or adhesive of medium viscosity In 682-0. While the UV adhesive VERIFIX MV 750 is used only for transparent Windows, mirrors from the reflections reinforced and hardened glass.
Glass structured, patterned, sandblasted and setinitvalue stick with a lesser degree of reliability. Tinted glass and laminated glass UV adhesives do not stick together.

Between the thickness of the adhesive layer and the strength of the connection is a direct one. On a smoother surface is required apply a thin layer of glue, the joint strength in this case will be high.
The surface before the connection needs to be cleaned to remove any foreign matter and degreased. If you need to use degreasing solvents, after which the remains film on the mating parts. So no need to use liquid glass cleaner, white spirit, kerosene, gasoline, acetone and solvents brands 6XX and 7XX.
To get quality, you need to heat the surface to a temperature of approximately 30° higher than the room temperature. For this ideal a Hairdryer. The need to use adhesive VERIFIX MV 750 or 682-0. They are optimal because they have a medium viscosity.
The surface needs locking suction cups, magnetic cubes, blocks or other devices. Before you apply the glue, be sure to check the combination of parts. After heating, it should take no more than five minutes, otherwise they need to warm up again.
The seam at connection parts must be in the horizontal plane. After connection, you will need two times to irradiate the surface with ultraviolet light. The first exposure adds 70% strength, the second allows you to gain maximum strength. Depending on the type of lamp, the irradiation time may range from ten seconds to two minutes. Secondary irradiation lasts from one to five minutes.
For bonding metal with glassm at home it is possible to use a mixture composed of 2.5 parts of chalk, gypsum, lead litharge, 3.5 parts of rosin. They were carefully mixed and diluted with linseed oil to the thickness of the putty. This type of bonding allows to obtain connections that are not designed for heavy loads.