You will need
  • vacuum fixture for holding glass – 2 PCs;
  • glue for windscreens – 1 tube;
  • - glue gun;
  • - electrofan.
Procedure sticking to a body opening windscreen possible just the two of us alone to cope with this task will be extremely difficult. Thus an indispensable condition is to have the experience of both participants to perform the intended repair.
The work is carried out in a dry and clean environment, and a different kind of cluttering it invalid. At the beginning of a Hairdryer for half an hour heats up the outer perimeter of the glass, closer to the doorway. Then, by installing the vacuum fixture, using the special strings from the body you must remove the old accessory (or its remnants).
On the frame of the opening frame always left a layer of old glue with a thickness of up to two millimeters. Then a vacant place of the installation of the new glass is thoroughly cleaned from dust, moisture and other contaminants, and it is applied to the primer layer.
A new windshield is thoroughly cleaned surface with a brush covered with ceramic bezel activator, which after 2-3 minutes is applied primer.
Open the cartridge and inserting it into the gun with a tip, you need to squeeze the glue evenly on the prepared surface of the edging or perimeter of the opening frame.
Then without delay prepared glass is mounted on its regular place and with it removed the vacuum fixture. Keep in mind that the countdown time required for crystallization of the adhesive on the date of the opening of the cartridge and not after it has occurred.