For bonding Plexiglas mostly use dichloroethane (can be used in pure form, can be dissolved in the chips). However, when working with this substance remember that it is poison, and therefore operate only in those areas where there is good ventilation and no nearby food.
When gluing plexiglass generally use the following types of joints: butt, lap, pad on a mustache and in a pile. If you choose the correct connection method and complete it to a competent selection of the adhesive, the resulting product will be durable and also have an aesthetic appearance. For example, if you glue on a mustache, keep in mind that the width of the whisker should be less than 3 times the width of the material. And when there is a bonding overlap, ensure the overlap was at least 4 times the glass thickness.
Products after applying the adhesive, hold down clamps (you can also tie firmly) and hold for 3 hours.
To prepare the glue, take 100 grams of ethylene dichloride and dissolve in it 2-5 g of shavings of Plexiglas, do not forget during this stirring the mixture (duration about 30 minutes). Express the solution to the shavings thoroughly swollen. Ready to glue soak in for 2-3 days.
Apply glue to the bonding surfaces evenly and keep the brush moving in one direction only. Pay attention to shadows, as well as air bubbles.
Surfaces selected for bonding, brush with dichloroethane and squeeze until air bubbles. Remember that the time required for the setting is a few minutes. Often, products from Plexiglas have separate parts to be glued during installation.