You will need
  • A valid email address
While on the website that require registration and creation of personal Cabinetand follow the link that will be displayed under the appropriate warning that some actions without login to your office impossible. Typically, this link is called "Registration", "Create account".
Fill in all required fields — you usually need to specify the name and sometimes city of residence. Enter a valid email address for communication. Come up with a nickname-username to login. In the appropriate form field, enter the password coined, guided by the marks next to fill. Retype the password for verification.
Read the user agreement. If you are satisfied with all the provisions of this agreement, check the box next to the inscription "Agree with terms".
Check the accuracy of all data entered. If required, enter the verification code from the picture at the bottom of the registration form. Then click on the "Register" or "Create a personal Cabinet".
Will receive an email to the email address you used during registration. This letter usually contains your login details — username and password to log on to the website, and a link to activate your newly created account. Click on this link. You will be taken to your personal Cabinet. While registration on the website will be considered successfully completed.