Advice 1: How to seal a crack on the glass

Cracks in the glass can be easily repaired at home. Such repairs do not spoil the appearance of the glass and lasts two to three years. In addition, the glass in the place of gluing will not fear washing with water.
How to seal a crack on the glass
You will need
  • - silicone glue;
  • a syringe;
  • - clear lacquer;
  • brush;
  • - acetone;
  • detergent;
  • - cloth;
  • - a cotton swab;
  • water;
  • bucket.
First you need to clean the glass from dust and dirt. To do this, rinse the glass with water with a detergent for glasses. It should be diluted in a bucket of warm water in the proportions specified in the instructions. To clean the glass better rubber gloves to protect the skin from exposure to detergent.Wash glass on both sides and wipe dry.Be careful not to cut yourself on glass on the site of the crack.
Now you need to dry the glass completely. If the place of damage will be water, bad glue will work. Leave the glass to dry.
Degrease the area around the crack. To do this, take a cotton swab, soak it in acetone and wipe the glass. On such a surface the glue will be applied better, smoother, and stay on it longer.Comfortably to degrease a surface with the cotton swab.If wool is not synthetic, it can leave lint. Instead, take a piece of gauze.
Skip directly to sealing cracks. To do this you need to type in a syringe with some silicone glue and carefully fill the crack. Better do it slowly so the glue has time to be distributed evenly.Some tubes have a convenient nozzle on the end to squeeze out the adhesive portions was small. If the size of the nozzle allows you to pour the silicone glue into the injury site, the syringe is not needed.If the crack in the glass is large, before using silicone glue seal it on both sides of the glass transparent tape. Here without a syringe will not do. With it, fill the cavity with glue and after the glue dries remove the tape.
For best results, leave the glass until the glue 12 hours.
Apply on top of the crack a thin narrow layer of clear nail Polish on both sides of the glass. Take a thin brush, dial in a little varnish and apply the varnish with a brush on the join. Now you only have to wait until dry lacquer, and glass ready.
If you have glass, unable to move my little edge of the crack when you pour the glue, so it is better distributed over the slice.
Useful advice
Protect the skin from contact with acetone, silicate glue and varnish.

Work is best done in a respirator.

Acetone can be replaced with a liquid nail Polish remover containing acetone. It is also good degrease surfaces.

Advice 2: How to repair a crack on the glass

Any damages on the car Windows not only spoil the appearance of the machine, but also reduces the traffic safety. Any crack on glass you can try to fix, so do not rush immediately to go to the store for new glass.
How to repair a crack on the glass
Immediately after the appearance of cracks on the glass pick up the tape and seal them defect. This will prevent the ingress of dirt. Remember that under the tape it is better to put a piece of clean white paper to prevent penetration of the adhesive into the crack. Such measures will allow to make further repairs more quality and prevent further crack development.
If the dirt still came, then rinse the crack and wipe off any remaining moisture with a vacuum cleaner or water-displacing fluid. Then perform the procedure to prevent the crack growth, this measure approximately 5 mm from where the visible ends of the crack. Drill here, holes that should not affect all layers of laminated glass. Ensure that the drilling was at low speed, to avoid overheating of the glass in this place.
Gently dolomite" the crack up to the hole, making a small click. In the presence of cleavage in the fracture, drill additional holes, which will prevent the divergence of the crack after repair. It is also necessary to act in the case, when the crack reaches the edge of the glass. Remember that such injuries require special attention and care in view of the complexity of quality sizing.
Complete the made holes and the crack with polymer. Pre-apply the special plate, which will prevent contact of the polymer with the environment and prevent leakage. Treat the surface with ultraviolet light to the adhesive composition polymerizable. Remove excess polymer composition, and then thoroughly clean the interior from small fragments, which can bring significant inconveniences in the future. Remember that if cracks quite a lot or they are big sizes, it is better to install the new glass.

Advice 3: How to fix a crack in windshield

If the car windshield had a crack from the unexpected blow of a pebble or other object, you should not immediately run out and buy new glass. Not worth it, nothing to worry about. There is a way to patch the crack on the windshield, and this work can be done independently. To repair you need to do the following:

How to fix a crack in windshield
Immediately seal the formed crack with tape so in the cavity of the crack or chip is not exposed to dust or moisture.
Go to the automotive market or specialty shop.

Buy a set to work with the cracks, it consists of transparent glue, a drill with a diamond tip and a set of plates.
Drill with a drill with a diamond tip small holes before reaching the edge of the glass, at a distance of about two millimeters from the crack.

Bring the crack up to the holes with light taps on the glass, do not worry, the more holes she will not go.
Treat the "stars", which went crack.

Ridge ream them so as not to leave any crumbs from the windshield.
Apply a thin layer of special glue and the "stars" and cracks until the very end.
Attach the plate that was set on top of all the injury.
Start the drying process using a UV lamp. Please note that it is not necessary to dry the adhesive under the sun, since it dries evenly and not will be more noticeable than in the case of drying lamp.
When the glue is dry, the excess can be cut with an ordinary blade, then buff with a special composition glass and will last you for a long time. But please note that now you need to drive carefully, because when driving fast on the road may block the formation of new cracks. Therefore, some time should refrain from high speeds and sudden braking.
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