In the first place will definitely need glue. In addition, you will need to stock up on glass cleaner, a Hairdryer, and a lamp with a UV lamp. The wavelength should be around 300 nm. It should be noted, not every blue lamp suitable for this purpose. Quartz lamp sun just will not work. Look at the documentation or just check the lamp. UV lamp can be inserted in a standard lamp. To protect eye need to wear glasses that cut off the UV spectrum. Of course, you can not use, but after work you will feel heaviness in the eyes.
After that start preparing the parts for gluing. First, they need to be degreased. Almost all cleansers leave a thin and invisible film on the glass. It is best to use for this purpose alcohol. Also you can just wash the glass in soapy water and wipe. Before you glue the parts to be heated and glass and metal. Note on the glass, which is some time in the room, formed imperceptible condensation. It will severely reduce adhesion. Thus, it needs to be dry, and this is possible only if the temperature of parts will be a few degrees above ambient. Heat need the actual place of bonding and about 5 cm around it. Reduces the risk of internal stresses after cooling.
If you need to stick to the glass standard round coin, which are produced industrially, for layout you need to put only one point slim marker on the side of the glass, which is free from adhesive. In this place you have to see the coin. If you need to glue a homemade piece that has a complex shape, it is necessary to circle the marker. Also the item may be a little shift, there is a risk marker under the glue. There he will remain forever. So it's best to do a stroke on the other side of the glass. Remember, the smoother the surface, the stronger the seam.