You will need
  • - mirror sheet;
  • - the glass cutter;
  • needle;
  • - Hairdryer
  • water;
  • - Mel;
  • - adhesive sealant;
  • tape of foamed polyurethane.
Pick up the mirror of such thickness that it does not become an obstacle to the movement of the doors in the grooves of the wardrobe. If you purchased the mirror sheet does not have a machined edge, or the shape and the area is more area under the mirror on the door make it pruning. For this, first of all, remove the measurements from the Cabinet door.
Carefully place the mirror on a flat surface. The amalgam should be on top. Drag on the canvas size. On the cut wet amalgam with a solution of vinegar or plain water. Apply the rule, and swipe along the edges with chalk. Then take the needle and accurately on the cutting line to cut through the amalgam.
Flip the mirror sheet and glass cutter draw a line symmetric to the line of cut done by the amalgam. The metal part of the glass cutter tap line. When the chip will become noticeable, a bummer the excess glass. The amalgam dry with a Hairdryer.
Remove and place the Cabinet door so that it adopted a strictly horizontal position. Remove surface dust and any dirt. As rags, use only those materials that do not leave fibers. If to clean the surface of dirt had to use clean solvents, be sure to let them fully evaporate before applying adhesive.
Use for mounting mirror reliable, not destructive amalgam, polyurethane adhesive sealant and double-sided tape on the foam plastic basis. First, apply the tape, positioning it so that when the doors to the place she was in a vertical position. Evenly distribute over the surface of the strips of tape, each of which shall be not less than 10 cm in length. After applying, press the tape to the surface without removing this protective soy.
The adhesive sealant also apply vertical strips, the number of which depends on the thickness and area of glass cloth. The diameter of the strip, which is regulated by cutting the plastic tip of the cartridge should be about 6 mm. Apply strips not more than 10 cm from the edges of the mirror and within 5 cm from the glued strip.
Start sticker mirror glass. Clear coated Cabinet door tape protective layer. Put a mirror on the door and press to evenly distribute the adhesive and achieve a reliable contact with the fabric surface of the tape.
Leave glued the mirror in a horizontal position for 24 hours until full curing of the sealant. The temperature should be not below 20 degrees.