You will need
  • - solder;
  • - copper plate;
  • - a metal file or sandpaper;
  • - gasoline, flux or "soldering acid";
  • - soldering iron.
If the hole is small, take to braze a piece of aluminum wire or tin solder. For the large hole, find a piece of copper plate and cut the patch to a size slightly larger than the hole.
Before you start to solder the pan, clean the bottom surface of needle files, a file or sandpaper to the bare metal so that there is raids, a copper plate is also buff to a Shine. Degrease the surface with gasoline or other solvent, then apply the flux with a brush (flux necessary for complete cleansing of grease and removal of oxide films from metal). Instead of the flux, you can use "liquid solder" or "soldering acid".
Take a soldering iron, heat it and dip it into the powder rosin or Sal ammoniac (to cleanse from the metal oxides). If there is light smoke, soldering iron ready to go. Touch the tool to the solder and keep it there until it is covered completely brilliant film. Then grab some solder tip and transfer it to the soldering. Smooth over the surface of the bottom of the pan around the holes (saludito the place of junction).
Take the solder tip of the iron and transfer is necessary for sturdy mounting in place of the spikes. Small holes can be filled completely with the solder. For mounting plate, apply solder around the holes, flatten the top and apply the patch. To plate well seized and consolidated, an additional soldering iron heat the entire surface of the patch.
After the solder has cooled, wipe it damp cloth and smooth off with a file or sandpaper.
If you need to solder aluminum pan, be aware that it is somewhat more complicated as aluminium is hard to solder. Below the surface has formed, the oxide film immediately after Stripping the place of junction, immediately pour pre-melted rosin. Soldering lead is a very powerful soldering iron (at least 100 watts). Use a solder of 80% or 95% tin, 20% and 5% of bismuth respectively. Flux pick from, stearin or paraffin. If you fulfill all these conditions, it's easy to solder a pot made of aluminum.