Upgrades start with the suspension. This is one of the most simple equipment, easily upgradable in terms of a simple garage. Front springs replace the same from the Chevrolet Niva. This will improve the performance of the suspension in the direction of increase of comfort. Bus replace with more suitable conditions. It can be either on-road tires with cast alloy wheels or high flotation tires with off road tread pattern. Shock absorbers replace imported gas.
Transmission upgrade by installing a shorter key pair from the car VAZ-2102. The designers have established on the Field the engine that was in production. But all-wheel drive car, he is weak, which leads to a marked decrease of the resource engine. Install shorter main steam will reduce the speed, but will increase tegometall car. This will decrease the load on the powertrain and would not allow him to fail prematurely. The bearings in the gearbox and transfer case replace the import – this will reduce the characteristic Fields noise transmission and transfer case.
Fit body protection. This is especially true for hunters and fishermen. For this manufacture of power bumper. They can be made from the appropriate channels or thicker tubes. On the front bumper provide a platform mounting the winch and weld conguring with protective grille for headlights. On the bottom under the engine, install a screen to protect the motor from impacts. Same screen (protection) can be put under the transfer case, fuel tank and other vulnerable units. On the roof, install an additional trunk. Along the doors – power thresholds.
To upgrade body equip wheel arches with plastic inserts and guide high-quality anti-corrosion treatment body panels. Regular anti-corrosion treatment of the weak. On the cowl and sidewalls embed additional air intakes. This will considerably improve engine cooling. This improvement is relevant not only for those who often travel on the road, but for urban dwellers, allowing you to avoid overheating in the heat when the machine is forced in the tube. Spoiler above the rear door to reduce dust on the glass when riding in the fields.
Upgrading the engine is a laborious and costly exercise that requires knowledge and experience to repair it. As a light modernization of the check and seal all electrical wiring. Spark plugs replace with more durable imported. For a deeper modernization with the aim of increasing the power of motor guide chip tuning (injector) or slide carb tuning. Also hone the cylinders and pistons of the power unit, install aftermarket camshaft. With the right approach engine not only adds power and torque, but will be more torquey in the lower rpm range.
Upgrading the interior, install it in a modern musical radio on, run it full noise, vibration and insulation. Upgrade heating system with parts from Chevrolet Niva. On the steering wheel and the heated seats make. Also will equip with electric mirrors and windshield wipers. This is very useful in conditions of winter use of Fields.