Despite the fact that the inclusion of blocking and enabling transmission of essentially the same processes, their mechanisms are different. Never attempt to operate the lockwhen the car is stopped. If you suddenly get, consider yourself fortunate – you are just lucky. Because the complete alignment of the teeth and grooves on the locking clutch is a very rare accident. When you enable transmitting you are using the clutch and lightly press the tooth of the rotating shaft slides into a fixed groove. And in the lock mechanism and the clutch output shaft with the ring gear are rigidly connected through satellites.
To enable a lock on "the Field", start and warm up the engine. Put it in first gear and start driving. If you are moving on a normal road paved, straight, inclusions also not going to happen. The front and rear wheels are equal, the path that does not force to rotate the satellites.
Continuing the movement, begin to rotate the steering wheel left and right while pressing on the handle lock. The front and rear wheels will be different distances, the satellites will start to rotate and the output shaft will turn relative to the coupling. Tooth will find your groove, and lock is on.
Shutdown lock also requires the implementation of certain actions. The fact is that when driving with a wheel locking teeth in the clutch gear and the crown is very heavily compressed. This is due to nonsynchronous several brasky movement of all wheels. To ease the tension ' s the steering wheel, engage reverse gear. A little patience, and the handle will be served.