You will need
  • Sheet steel 3 mm thick, steel channel, cold rolled profile, welding machine
Start with strengthening the front side members in places of fastening of shock-absorbers. They make some reinforcing plates made of sheet steel with a thickness of 3 mm. it is Better to weld overlays over the entire length of the spar. This will not only avoid cracks when hitting suspension, but will not allow the body to deform when towing the car, especially on the winch. Another weakness on the body "Fields" - the site of attachment of the gear box and junction boxes. You need to install the steel lining. When working keep in mind that these two nodes should not move relative to each other for normal operation of the intermediate shaft is located between them.
If you made a cutting of the wheel arches with the increase of departure and the thickness of the wheels, they must be boiled, because they are also the carrier element structure. This particularly applies to the rear arches.
Stress thresholds that will give the body additional rigidity. To do this, take steel cold-rolled profile 2.5 mm thick, cut it along the length of the sill, weld the bottom and close design metal sheet.
Additionally scald stops (glasses) of the rear dampers, it is also possible to strengthen the steel sheet. There is an increased load when driving on rough terrain.
Adjust the bumpers on the channels with oblique bumpers, privaris them to the spars. This will help to increase body rigidity. In addition, when towing or winch that can be installed on such a structure, the load is evenly distributed to both side rail, considerably reducing the chance of breakage.
Reinstall the bump stops and additional special arcs. They not only help to drop the car from different obstacles like young trees. Arc and bumpers are also elements of the framework, which will significantly increase body rigidity.
But get too carried away is not necessary, because increasing the weight of the car, the owner automatically increases the load on the engine and reduces its permeability. Therefore, in the amplification do not need to apply too thick and heavy steel profile.