Install rails or roof rack. This is one of the most inexpensive improvements that are easy to self-fulfillment and popular when using the car as a workhorse or for travel. The method of installation depends on the chosen model of the trunk. To enhance the functionality of this improvement additionally install a cargo basket.
Install an additional fan for cooling the radiator of the engine. This will prevent the risk of overheating of engine in heavy traffic conditions. Currently, there is the opportunity to purchase a block of two fans, designed for installation on injection engine Fields, including for self-installation. In this case, note the negative side of this improvement: while overcoming water obstacles significantly increases the likelihood of flooding in the ignition system.
Following the improvement of the engine cooling control unit with fan (s), including them with increasing coolant temperature to 97 degrees with the engine off. This will eliminate the residual risk of overheating of the motor and does not require large financial investments.
Instead of a hydraulic set mechanical adjusting device the valve clearance. This eliminates the characteristic knocking of the lifters allows to increase the power of the engine due to the exact placing of the thermal gap, to reduce fuel consumption and the cost of repairing this node. The heat adjustment of the gap through spending 1,000 km after the installation of this device, and thereafter every 25 thousand.
Repair rattling rear view mirror, glued the rubber strip on their back. To do this, remove the mirrors and their brackets. On the back, attach the rubber gasket with a thickness of 3-4 mm
To prevent frequent breakdown of the bearing unit install unregulated hub bearings. This eliminates the need for frequent and not always effective regulation of these parts, and will significantly increase the reliability and lifespan of the hubs. However, in applying this improvement can be difficult when repairing at a service station.
Guide the balancing of cardan shafts to reduce vibrations at high speeds, increasing the service life of the bearings of universal joints and improve comfort while riding. This operation is rarely performed by owners of the NIV, although recommended by the manual.
Replace the clutch Assembly from the same car Chevrolet Niva. Grip Chevrolet Niva has a longer lifespan, more "soft" pedal and more suited for heavy duty applications. Note, however, that the clutch from a Chevy only be replaced together with the flywheel.
To save fuel on the asphalt, install the transfer case clutches disconnect the front drive. In addition to increasing efficiency, slightly increase the dynamics and "go away" kicks in the transmission when the load changes. When overcoming off-road or starting on slippery surfaces, do not forget to include front-wheel drive. Get the node of a shop or firm specializing in the tuning of SUVs.
Install self-locking differential gear of the rear axle to improve cross Fields. It is enough if there is no need to storm the heavy off-road or participate in competitions. To acquire this unit it is possible in tuning shops and companies.
In order to profoundly improve the patency of the Fields select and install the wheel with the larger tyres and suspension lift guide. The operation is not easy, but it is available to run independently. Methods and ways of implementation vary depending on the height of littuania.
To improve the comfort of the cabin, under the upholstery glue interior panels interior sound insulation and heat insulation materials. Install improved door seals.