You will need
  • newspaper ads;
  • - computer with Internet access.
First decide for what purpose you need this car, will ride it constantly or from time to time, at what time I buy it, where to use, etc. the Answer to all these questions, proceed to the selection model, evaluating the pros and cons of the considered machines. For example, a the VAZ-21214 is easy to repair, has excellent permeability, has a low cost. But there are significant disadvantages: cramped and uncomfortable interior, small trunk, poor insulation, and others.
To set the maximum and minimum cost of the machine, to continue not to consider "dead-end" options. In addition, when you select "Fields" don't forget to take into account the possibility of self-repair and maintenance in your area, the availability and cost of spare parts, etc., Carefully inspect the vehicle before buying, especially if it's pre-owned vehicle.
B/C the "Neve" in the first place note the condition of the body, in particular, sills, wings: are there any chips, pockets of corrosion, painted the place, etc. "Weak" in some places these machines are the front spars (refer to cracks between the stop spring and the shock mount), bottom of doors, floors at fixing the transfer case and transmission, the frame of the windshield.
Be sure to check hood space. On the engine and under it should be free of stains. Please note that all the protections on the bottom of the motor, as after accidents, they are often discarded. Ask them to lift the wheel and check operation of differential lock. If it works the wheel cannot rotate. Then start the car, go for a ride, listen to the transmission. When riding there should be no extraneous sounds: tapping, crunching, etc.
If there is any doubt - do not rush with the purchase of the car. Search for "Niva", which will suit you in all respects.