You will need
  • Set lifevania suspensions for "Fields" of factory manufacturing. New tires with rims.
Front suspension. To install washers under the lower mount of the suspension springs. Thereby created the necessary installation angle of the front spring. Between the upper lever and the ball bearing install the spacer washer, thereby relieving the lever. Swap the steering knuckle arms or change the mounting of the front stabilizer bar so that during maximum turning of the wheels of a rod rests against the stabilizer. If you wish to further tune the front suspension, change the shocks on the long stroke, change the springs, rubber spacers, CV joints anthers. After the Elevator repeat the full adjustment of the front suspension
Rear suspension. Install the new cups the rear springs. Their mount run on standard bolts on the top and on the mounting brackets for rear shocks. By the way, the attachment points of the rear dampers need to transfer up to 50 mm with the installation of the new brackets. In addition, make adjustable rod rear axle or just extend them. This is necessary in order to exclude jamming the d-pad. Jet thrust stress by using the area or weld the double. Panhard rod make the cut and install the regulatory coupling. Optionally, install a dedicated rear stabilizer Tekhnomaster" development VAZ, replace the shock absorbers on the long stroke.
In addition to these works, replace the brake hose on the longer, bleed the brake system, adjust the spool and adjust the bump stops the springs under the specifications of the new suspension. It is recommended to install rear cardan Chusovoi. When carrying out a lift the suspensions on the old or worn out car, make sure to install new CV joints. Installing steering knuckle with two ball bearings from the rear axle, eliminates the problem of their adjustments and increased wear of the CV joints when mounting wider and heavier wheels. When installing a wider and heavier tire change on new ball joints and pendulums. If you change the shock, at the same time reinforce their place of attachment. Rubber spacers in the suspension replace with polyurethane.