Saying that new is not the best, not always relevant. If we talk about the ignition system, here it is not applicable. The old, proven over the years, Cam (contact) ignition system already forgotten, since the new contactless, which is not only newer, but also more practical and more efficient, and more reliable. But what are the pros and cons of each of the systems? That this is more to understand and to make a final conclusion about what is better.

Cam ignition system

So, checked more than one generation of auto - and motor-fans ignition system is quite efficient and widely used Vazovskoy classics, for example. If you traveled by car with this ignition system, you know how important it is to correctly set the clearance in the contact group. A little wrong and not see the good spark.

But there is one big advantage of this system. Of course, it's easy, since there are no electronic components, the reliability of which is questionable. As breaker: Cam mechanism, high voltage coil and distributor, with correction of the ignition timing by vacuum. Simply, and most importantly – cheap.

But the cons affect the entire structure. At the time of debonding, the formation of sparks, which adversely affect metal contacts. They are covered with black soot, which degrades the contact. For this reason the spark plugs are not formed, the spark, and the engine impossible to start. Have from time to time to clean the contacts and adjust the gap.

Contactless ignition system

Contactless (electronic) ignition on VAZ began to set, starting from the eighth family. The advantage of this system is that as the breaker is used Hall sensor. Missing contacts, but there is a more vulnerable place – a switch, which is tasked with strengthening the sensor signal. Made the switch to the semiconductor elements, which is not always reliable. Most motorists prefer to carry in the car a spare switch and a Hall sensor.

This two elements of the ignition system that is out of order and not repairable. But on the other hand, the contactless system is much more effective than Cam, and it is longer. High quality Hall sensor and a switch can last for many years, never fails. And in any care they need. It is important that the switch was securely mounted on the body for better cooling. And the wires from the Hall sensor inside the distributor, not in contact with moving parts.

After evaluating all the pros and cons, we can say that is much better will be contactless ignition system than the Cam. The minimum care it requires and is quite efficient. And the Cam is outdated at the moment and need frequent adjustment of the clearance and cleaning (replacement) contacts.