You will need
  • The source of the car "Niva". Sets preparation for off-road.
Install special camshaft, bias peak torque at low revs. This is the easiest and most profitable financial considerations, the way to increase torque and increase traction at the bottom. At the same time grind the intake and exhaust channels of the cylinder head and the intake manifold.
Seal the air filter and install the snorkel to overcome water obstacles. Standard fan remove, instead install a dual electric fan with forced control from the salon. Overcoming deep Ford, you can disable it to keep the ignition system. The very ignition system equip additional waterproofing.
Install larger wheels to increase clearance. Practice shows that the optimal size is 235/75R15. When installing these wheels, the ground clearance increases to 245 mm. Wheel of even greater size will increase the load on the transmission and reduces its reliability.
Install rims size 15 6 inches to be able to install wider tires. To compensate for the weight of the wider wheels, the wheels must be forged choose.
Install the main pair with a ratio of 4.7 instead of the standard 3.9. This will give some reserve thrust without significant loss of dynamism and speed. An intermediate option – the main pairs with the number 4.3 of the VAZ-2101.
"Lift" the suspension to install larger wheels, you can use the longer springs in front and spacers under the springs in the back.
Increase the wheel arches. Places cut cover with a soft texture of the wings.
Install long stroke shocks to increase suspension travel. Recommended adjustable dampers, to be able to set up the suspension for the new features. The attachment of shock absorbers and front spars reinforce.
Equip rear axle limited slip differential.
Check and install (if necessary) the front towing eyelet. And better hooks. Put the rear tow bar.
Pelilite bumper, placing inside the standard pipe, profile or channel. Stress thresholds. Install censoring.
Install electric winch with a pulling force of 3-4 tons. Put it on the front bumper or inside the trunk (if "field" is prepared for competition and not for distant travel).