When you use the Internet a natural desire of each user is to maximize the possible speed. When the limitation of the provider the only option is to optimize the use of the speedavailable to achieve its maximum value.
For best speed of loading pages, use dedicated Opera mini browser. Its specificity is that the information you request first goes through the server where it is compressed and only then sent to your computer. You can maximize the speed of web surfing by disabling the downloading of images. Initially, this web browser was designed for use on mobile phones, so you need to work on your computer you need to install java emulator.
An important factor affecting the page load speed is the number of programs that use the network connection in a given time – the more, the slower the speed of loading pages. To maximize speed , disable the torrent clients, download managers and also all programs that are in this moment in time downloading the updates. Check them off using the task Manager – click processes tab and complete those that apply to closed programs.
If you are using torrent client, disable all programs that somehow can affect the download speed, as described in the previous step. Set the maximum priority for the download, and then set the limit speed for the return of one kilobit per second. Remove the restriction on speed download if it is exposed.
If you use the download Manager, follow the same recommendations as in step # 3. Set the maximum priority for existing download and run any program that uses the Internet to complete the download.