Advice 1: How to make Internet run faster

Sometimes the speed of the Internet connection, which is visible in the statistics is poor. In this case, it is impossible to watch video, listen to audio, play games online. What affects Internet speed?
How to make Internet run faster
Install one of the programs that allow you to compress the traffic, increase the speed of loading pages and hide the ads. These include the following: Proxomitron, CProxy, ETraffic. The compression of traffic is possible from 40% to 80% of the total flow. These programs are very useful for those who pays for Internet access at a certain limit (ADSL, EDGE, GPRS, etc.) and users with low speed Internet. In addition to the compression of traffic (https, http) these programs have many additional features: lock-up banners of large size and interactive Flash movies, changing quality of images (png, gif, jpg), superstrong filter ads parser pages with destroying ads, faster page loads. These programs are supported by many browsers (Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.) and any types of Internet connections.
Take advantage of utility SG TCP Optimizer. In the settings put the slider to the maximum speed of the Internet.
In the settings of the Internet connection, tick this box to use the Proxy.
Use browsers that speed up web surfing. For example, Maxthon browser well downloaded all YouTube videos. Browser SlimBrowser has a high speed. Wyzo does an excellent job of handling video and multimedia. Moreover, it is possible to download files without installing the applications using the BitTorrent Protocol.
Modify your browser settings in a certain way. That is turn off the processing scripts. It allows you to block Silverlight, Java, JavaScript, as well as to protect the computer and to speed up the display of websites.
Use plug-ins. For example, in Firefox the plugin CustomizeGoogle will be able to customize start page of Google, which blocks cookies and make the search safer and faster. And The Plugin in the same browser, saves notes about the sites. Plugins reduce the loading time of the pages in other browsers.
Use one or more recommended here ways. This way you will be able to significantly improve the Internet connection and to save your time and money.
Adjust your firewall settings. To less used bandwidth. It activates the Internet.
Useful advice
If on different computers using several browsers, the service Xmarks sinhroniziruete all the bookmarks. This service works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Advice 2: How to make money work

If you leave money at home, they only depreciate because of inflation. To save money, they need to get to work. They can bring substantial income, but it's important to invest in the right things.
How to make money work
The creation of a business — this is a very convenient way to invest. The project will develop, will bring profit, and thus capital will increase. If you build everything correctly, the company will operate for many years and repeatedly increases the initial investment. To open a business independently, but this requires a good idea worth a business plan and the ability to organize and lead. If no such resources, we can invest in someone else's business. On certain conditions you pour in the capital, and after a certain period of time will receive the dividends. Investment in the business can be successful and very profitable. But according to statistics, about 90% of all companies do not survive even 1 year. So there is a huge risk that you will not only get profit, but also will lose what you had. This option is interesting but adventurous.
Today there is a huge market securities. You can buy shares of various companies. On change of their price, many make millions. Special exchanges allow you to do the buying and selling of stocks, gold, oil, currencies. You can register and start working in the system. But this requires knowledge about how the stock market game, which determines the value of the specific assets, and you need to be able to predict what will happen next. If there is no knowledge, give capital in the hands of management companies or people. They will do the same — to play the stock market, but to do it professionally. The same services offered by banks, you will receive a percentage much larger than in the classical contributions. What a great profit you calculate, the more there are risks. Without much difficulty you can get 14% per annum, but there is a case, when during the same period, profit was up 200%.
Today, a good investment is buying commercial real estate. She is very popular on the market today. By purchasing this object, you will later renting it out. It brings a monthly income, and profits can be quite significant. It is important to buy a property in a good area. You can also invest in the construction of buildings, which then will be used as retail or office space.

Advice 3: What it depends on fast operation of the computer

The performance of your computer is an important factor to which you should pay attention if you want to use a PC to work with serious graphics apps or just going to play modern games.
What it depends on fast operation of the computer
The speed of the personal computer depends on many different factors. First, it is necessary to say directly about the components that are installed on your PC. For performance you want to buy a good processor, graphics card and RAM. These 3 varieties of components together allow you to work the computer, but their choice should be approached thoroughly.


For example, choosing a particular model of processor, you need to pay attention to the following parameters: clock frequency, number of cores and amount of cache memory (preferably to the device having a volume of not less than 12 MB). When choosing CPU, you can see that its clock frequency was not less than 2.8 GHz, but it will be more, of course, will be better. With regard to the number of cores, here it is not so, as it may seem at first glance. Not always a large number of them indicates that the computer will work quickly. Generally, the processor must be selected so that it fits in well with the video card and RAM. It's then possible to get good results. Therefore before buying it is desirable to see the table of compatible processors and a special read on the forums about this or that brand.

Video card

As for the video card, the choice of this accessory is required to be attentive to the question of compatibility with other components. Otherwise, it can not only not work, but even burn. The basic parameters that you want to pay attention to is the memory and the model itself. The amount of memory affects the performance of your PC and all software that works with graphic. As for the model, there are no special criteria. The choice of a particular model due to the games that will run on a PC, as they often can not work with one model even having the same amount of memory that is required.


Amount of RAM also affects the speed of your PC. The only thing I can say is what it will more the better, but before buying you must either consult a consultant or know myself - if a certain volume of your motherboard or not.

In addition, do not forget that the contamination of the hard disk, unnecessary programs, polluted registry can also impact on productivity, namely on a computer. Therefore, it is desirable to regularly clean your computer of unused programs and either use automated software to clean up the registry, or do it myself.
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