When you use a USB modem, you are given a certain amount of traffic, after which the speed unlimited plan drops sharply. Depending on region, carrier and fare conditions will vary. To restore the speed, use the USSD command to activate "prolong speed": Beeline– *110*311# (call); Megaphone– *105*906# (call) for the Moscow region, the details for other regions, see the official website; MTS – 0890 (reference for a call from the SIM card), 8 800 333 0890 (multichannel phone of a hot line). If you have a different operator, please visit the official website to verify the data to provide Internet connection.
When you have a wired Internet, and in terms of tariff services there is no item on the speed limit, you will need to contact the company providing the Internet service. Possible breakthroughs are on the line, the heavy workload of network maintenance. In any case you will need specialist advice. Perhaps your plan is outdated, and conditions of use of it has changed. Then you will need to change the tariff plan.
In some browsers, e.g. Opera Turbo feature. It is needed in order to increase page loading speed on slow connections. Check, probably you have disabled them. If so, start using the Turbo mode.
Download speed also depends on the server on which it is located. In the event of malfunctions and maintenance work on the website loading speed can be reduced. Otherwise, the loading of a website can generally not be performed. You need to wait for some time, probably, the speed will be restored.
Check for a faulty modem. Go through the settings of the device, if attached. Perhaps the speed cap was lined in the program.
If you use a torrent Manager, download speed will depend on the number of seeders. If you have not changed the settings of the torrent Manager speed increase will be observed with the addition of sound.