First and foremost, make sure that your data plan is most beneficial to use the Internetand. If not, change the tariff to one that has the lowest rates for traffic. The alternative is to conclude another contract, the purpose of which will be the cheapest online. You can also use an adapter for two SIM cards, which are sold in salons.
After you have created your data plan for Internet, configure the phone. To do this you need to call customer service of your operator of cellular communication. Request message with the settings or configure your phone manually, carefully following the instructions.
For web surfing use Opera mini browser. Its feature is that the data on the phone already transmitted in compressed form. The request to download the website is sent to the proxy server, then the site is compressed, losing up to 80% of its original volume, and is transmitted to the mobile phone. With this browser you can view not only wap pages, but wwww intended only for the personal computer.
With this browser you can finally minimize your costs for the Internet, disabling the display of images and download flash applications, which are often the most "difficult" part of the site. Remember that to work correctly, your browser requires an accurate synchronization of time and date cell phone with real time and date.