To increase the loading speed possible, optimizing processes that use the Internet in this time. To prepare, turn off all the processes that affect network messengers, download managers and also program that downloads updates. Close all open programs, and those that are in the tray. After this, run the task Manager and end those processes that have in their names the word "update" in real time they download the updates.
For the fastest loading pages, configure your browser so that downloading apps and pictures will be disabled. Often, these elements make up most of the weight of the page that is downloaded to your computer, disabling them will have a positive impact on speed download.
You can minimize the weight of the loaded pages using Opera mini browser. Initially, this browser was designed for cellular telephones, namely, to save bandwidth, downloaded to your computer. The page you request goes through the proxy server where it is compressed and only then sent to your computer. To work in the browser you need to install a java emulator. Disable the downloading of images and applications, thereby having maximized its page loading speed.
If you are using torrent client, follow all recommendations specified in the first step. Also, you should disable the limit speed for uploads, if any, and set a limit on speed for the return of one kilobit per second, thereby freeing the maximum channel access to the network. Set the maximum number of simultaneous uploads is equal to one. Do not run a browser or other third-party applications that use the access channel to the network until it finishes.