You will need
  • Antivirus "Kaspersky", "Settings".
In the lower right corner on the desktop of your computer next to the current time you will see the icon for the antivirus "Kaspersky". Double-click it with the left mouse button. This will open the main program window, which contains a number of utility commands – "Center of protection", "program Control", "Check", "Update" and "Security". Also has a top panel where you can change the configuration of the antivirus in its sole discretion.
Click in the top right corner of the utility window "Settings". In the new window that appears, you can configure the necessary parameters of the users in the local network, such as to remove the parental control in the "Kaspersky"or, conversely, enable it. You will also have access to other functions - installation of manual or automatic software updates, monitoring network attacks anti-banner system, mail and file antivirus, to quick and complete verification of infected files and many others.
In the list of service commands select "Parental control". It is located approximately in the middle. After that in the right working field top will be a checkbox "Enable parental control". Uncheck the little box that is opposite of the inscriptions. At the bottom of the window click "Ok" to set the current settings take effect. Now you will get access to previously blocked Internet services, designed purely for adult audiences is gambling and online casino sites with erotic content, social networking and Dating sites, as well as numerous other teen resources. Please note that version 2011 the sequence of your actions will be somewhat different, so as to remove the parental control in the "Kaspersky 2011" only in the tab "Settings" the tab "Additional parameters of detected threats and exclusion rules".