Advice 1: How to seal a safe Deposit box

Safes are widely used in the daily activities of the various agencies. To ensure the safety of the contents and to establish, was not revealed whether the safe without the knowledge of the person responsible for storage of documents, used various types of seals. To seal the safes in several ways. The main requirement to the technology of sealing of the storage – reliability.
How to seal a safe Deposit box
You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • glue;
  • - suspended die;
  • - strong thread;
  • - clay;
  • - metal seal;
  • - sealing device.
For securing the safe that are not equipped with special devices, use of printing paper. Cut from a sheet of paper strip across the width of normal printing organizations (or slightly wider). Put on the sheet two or three impression of the seal used, for example, to send correspondence.
On the strip, also specify the current date and signature of the person responsible for keeping the contents safe. Now glue the strip to the box so that it overlaps the gap between the door and the base (best if the paper seal closed the keyhole of the safe).
Use also for sealing the box outboard the die. It can be made from wooden boards or a suitable plastic parts. On the inner side of the safe output two strands, one of which is mounted on the door, and the second, on the surface of the safe. Close the safe. Place into the recess of the die a piece of clay and push in the ends of the threads. On top of the clay put the imprint of the metal print used for sealing boxes.
If no dice, use two pieces of clay and strong thread. Attach one piece of clay on the door and the second bar adjacent to the door. Close the safe. Attach pieces of clay to the thread and drown it in material, to form two small "cakes", and the thread passed inside them. Now apply a metal seal to both pieces of clay to remain clearly visible prints.
If it is technically possible, equip a safe sealing device with a folding or retractable stock. For securing the safe also using the clay and metal printing. Close the safe, put on the door rod (or move it). Clay seal recess in the device. Attach to the clay stamp by making a clear and easy-to-read print.

Advice 2: How to mount a gun safe

The legislator has stipulated many conditions to ensure public safety when storing, carrying and use of weapons. They are not firearms, signal, sound and light, traumatic and other types of weapons excluding pneumatic. To the representatives of the Supervisory authorities was not to claim you as the owner of a source of increased danger, it is necessary to observe a number of requirements, including the availability of safe is not the only one.
How to mount a gun safe
You will need
  • - the perforator;
  • - angle grinder;
  • - discs for stone;
  • core bits for stone;
  • - pobeditovye drill;
  • - anchor bolt not less than 16 mm in diameter - 2 PCs.;
  • metal expander collet Chuck - 2 PCs.;
  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • - water.
Storage requirements for weapons are governed by the Appendix to order of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation No. 288 of 12.04 1999 "On measures to implement decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 21, 1998 № 814". In layman's language, this means that the document set out an exhaustive list of conditions that you will need to complete, to acquire weapons.
In fact it turns out that the weapons can be stored not only in the special boxs, but also in wooden boxes upholstered with durable steel. Its thickness should be not less than 2 mm for the arms and 3mm for the storage of ammunition. If you will be storing guns and ammo in one safe, ammo, gunpowder, etc., there should be a separate shelf with a lockable door. Please note that the basic design of the lock on the door and the main lock may not coincide.
Since the Resolution of the government explicitly stated that the thickness of the walls in the rooms where the weapons are stored must be at least 20 cm for concrete panels and 36 cm for brick or stone masonry, safe for a handgun can be done inline.
This in the wall it is necessary to hollow out a niche the size of the safe with a margin of 5-7 cm on each side. The contour of the niche, it is possible to saw through with a powerful grinder, equipped with a disk of stone, and hollow out the cavity of the punch, working in unstressed mode via headphones or diamond crown. Unfortunately, non-professional technique with this objective is unlikely to cope if you are dealing with a wall of granite or reinforced concrete.
The gap for the back wall of the safe to do. The front wall of the safe should be flush with the supporting structure. Put the safe on wood rails, slightly shorter than the depth of the niche, placed inside it. Top rackline gap similar guides. Watch out, however, that the thickness of the wedges was not excessive, otherwise, the door of the safe may no longer be closed. Also it should not be closed with the effort.
Now try to fill the free space between the housing and the side walls of the safe granite rubble. Mix a solution of cement grade M 500 or equivalent at the rate of 1:4:1,5. The solution should be fluid enough to fill all the voids between the gravel. Pour the solution on the upper wall of the safe, pushing it further into the niche.
When the voids between the gravel are filled, wait some time, until the solution just begins to drag. Dilute the solution in standard proportion and fill in the space between the niche, bottom and top walls of the safe. After the solution has hardened, smoothen bumps on the wall with a thin layer of plaster or putty.
This method of fastening of the safe will not work, if you are the owner of long guns, such as hunting. In this case you will have to attach the safe to the wall using anchor bolts with a minimum diameter of 16 mm. would Be better if the anchor bolts you attach to the metal expander collet, although this condition is not mandatory under the law. But this method of fixing the most reliable. For this you will need a drill with pobeditovym a drill of appropriate diameter. Otherwise, insert the anchor bolts is no different from fixing with screws and dowels. Attach a safety Deposit box in such a way is, just in two places.
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