Open the computer's BIOS. To do this, press the power button or reboot. Immediately after the beep press the DEL key. Can press it a few times — modern computers are so fast to load that it is difficult to catch the right moment, so feel free to click, and the BIOS will open. On some models of motherboards the button to enter the settings of the BIOS may be F2, F12, or F10 — this information is in the instructions, and the bottom row of the screen at startup. If done correctly, the screen will appear system setup.
Find menu settings reset to factory. Look for the words Load fail safe defaults or Load Default settings. Navigate through the menu categories using the arrows on the keyboard. Press Enter when you find a suitable setting. This will reset all changes, so all possible errors will be corrected BIOS.
Locate the menu Save & Exit and press Enter button. A message will appear in the English language, which will require you to confirm the changes. Press Enter or Y to save the changes. The computer will turn off and boot with the new "starter" settings. In the startup process, you may receive a message stating that you need to press F1 to continue booting. Press this key and continue starting the computer.
You can reset all BIOS settings using the recovery of batteries. This is an alternative method which helps in cases where the computer was not allowing to enter the system setup or game. Disconnect all cables. Take a Phillips screwdriver and a screwdriver with a straight tip.
Remove the screws from the rear panel of the system unit. Remove the side cover. Find the round shiny battery the size of about one and a half inches in diameter. The nest, which is the battery has a ledge-lock. Pry the tab with a screwdriver and pull out the battery. Leave it for 10-15 minutes without power, all settings will be reset and it will fix the error in the BIOS.
Install the battery into the motherboard in the correct orientation; the side with the inscription uppermost. Connect all your devices to the system unit, connect the power cable. Unable to turn on the computer.