You will need
  • - ammonia
  • - vinegar
If contamination occurred, we suggest you follow the instructions below for cleaning the vehicles.
There are several ways to clean leather at home:
Take 10% ammonia, dilute it four times with pure water and clean the product with a cotton swab, replacing it as needed.
Wipe the product with a cotton swab dampened with clean water or with the addition of a small amount of vinegar (a teaspoon per liter of water).
It is recommended to hold articles made of nubuck on the ferry and then to produce their special cleaning brush for nubuck.
Cleaning of vehicles with special products: shampoos, foams, cleaners, special brushes (for example, producers of the "TARRAGO", "Myself", "Bar", "Saphir").
First clean the dirt special triple brush for nubuck. Next, you need to use a foam cleaner of the above mentioned manufacturers. These funds will clean the product from different kinds of contaminants without causing harm to the texture of the material. Do not apply foam on the surface of the product. Means to be applied to a sponge or soft cloth and then gently clean the contaminated surface.
Then again, use a triple brush for nubuck. Further, for masking minor defects and scuffs on the surface of products, to refresh the colours and give the product the effect of "novelty", it should be a daily use cream, special caring and protective paint, or paint intended for vehicles. For example, the producers of "Salamander", "TARRAGO", "Myself", "Bar", "Saphir", "SALTON".
Shoes made of nubuck should be cleaned only in a dry form. For shoes of this skin are special brushes from different companies.
Special brush wipe shoes. Shoes will not only clean, but also rough. To do this all should be in a warm, dry place.