Do not allow leather to a sorry state. If you see that the jacket got something on it, take action. Wipe it with a soft sponge or cloth soaked in soapy boiling water. If you don't boil the water, salt, which it contains, will clog the pores and affected by the consequences. Lightly soiled leather thing you can and clear baby wipes, mild baby shampoo. Not heavily soiled leather clean with a cloth dampened in milk.
To withdraw stain from the skin using talc and turpentine. The mixture made from these ingredients, apply on the stain, then press with a piece of glass laid on top of the cargo. After the skin dries, wipe it with a dry rag.
Do not clean the skin with acetone, gasoline or similar solvent that will degrease it. Bold spot print chalk powder, which is pre-Express for a day on the spot where a spot appears. If your favorite leather has faded, RUB it with glycerin, it will help to bring back the original Shine. Scratches can be removed with a "liquid skin", chosen to match the product. The trace of a ballpoint pen or helium, remove with masking tape, then remove the remnants of a rough eraser. If damaged or heavily soiled skin, better not to take independent action, and see to the dry cleaners - they do not ruin your thing.
If you want to clean leather shoes, RUB it with a special cream, after removing from the skin surface dirt and dust. Then treat the product with means that will disguise the resulting spots. Also, a special cream will repel water and dirt, thanks to it the longer shoes will look clean and well-groomed.