Advice 1: How to clean black suede

Products of black suede require care and regular cleaning. To bring clothes in clean, contact dry. If you do not have the free time or funds to clean suede yourself.
How to clean black suede
You will need
  • Shampoo, rubber brush for nubuck, coffee grounds, refined gasoline, a special spray for suede.
Clean black suede soap solution. In a container pour some warm water. Then add a small amount of shampoo or liquid soap. Before use, carefully read the composition of the detergent. It should not contain coloring and bleaching agents.
Put the suede on the table so that they are convenient to clean. Wipe clean material foam sponge soaked in liquid. Avoid strong wetting suede, or after drying it will Zagrebel and lose shape. At the end wipe with a clean damp cloth. Dry the product away from radiators of Central heating. Also do not use the appliance for drying suede.
Brush the suede with steam. In a pan or kettle, pour the water. Place a container on the stove and bring the liquid to a boil. Hold the suede item over the steam for several minutes. After brush material rubber brush for nubuck.
Use coffee grounds to cleanse black suede. Apply to soiled areas of product and brush. Leave it for a while remove residual coffee grounds with a cotton or gauze swab. Wipe the suede with a damp microfiber cloth. After dry the material at room temperature.
Clean stains from oil with purified gasoline. It can be purchased at hardware or home improvement store. Soak cotton pad in solvent and wipe stains from the periphery to the center. Rinse the trace of the stains with a damp cloth. Refined gasoline evaporates quickly, so does not damage the color and structure of the material.
Treat the suede with a special spray product. Buy this tool only in retail stores. Otherwise you risk to buy a defective product. Lay the suede on the table and spray. Substances included in the composition, forming a water-repellent film.

Advice 2: How to clean suede from grease stains

The suede material is soft and extremely nice, but he is rather capricious. Suede products can quickly lose its appeal if their owners will not care of them and constantly take care of these things. One of the common problems faced by the owners of the clothes and shoes of natural tanned skins is fat shiny spots. To get rid of them, you'll have to work hard.
How to clean suede from grease stains
You will need
  • - Chalk, starch or talc;
  • - brush with soft bristles;
  • - ammonia;
  • - gasoline;
  • water;
  • - sponge;
  • absorbent paper and press;
  • is a special tool for cleaning suede;
  • vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment;
  • Vata;
  • - gentle cleanser.
The surface of suede things, covered with fine lint, which is pretty much swell from absorbed moisture. After complete drying of the product slightly shrinks and hardens, making shoes or clothes may shrink in size and become less comfortable to wear. Therefore, it is preferable to try to clean suede from oily spots dry. To do this, sprinkle in the pollution of any absorbent (absorbent powder). In such cases, often use crushed chalk, talc or potato starch.
Leave soiled suede for 30-60 minutes to absorbent powder should have absorbed the fat inspotsconstant surface. After that, you need to thoroughly clean the product, preferably a soft rubber brush.
If a spot of grease on the suede not cleared by the specified method, prepare a special cleaning solution. You can purchase a industrial product suitable for this type of material in the store household chemicals. Don't forget to test it on any inconspicuous place products, as some aggressive gels and liquids can discolor a beautiful thing! Then proceed according to the instructions.
Use some improvised means, also well removed grease stains from suede. For example, there are a few tested recipes:
• absorbent powder is mixed with ammonia in a slurry, and this mixture is rubbed pollution. When the mixture dries completely, scrub it clean with the surface of the suede brush.
• You can just mix ammonia (10%) with water 1:4 and wipe over thestaingoes suede product. Then clean the surface with clean water, wetting it a cotton swab. If wet cleaning material will Zagrebel after drying, thoroughly knead it with your fingers. Deposited fibers can be raised with a dry brush or vacuum cleaner with nozzle for cleaning carpets.
• To remove stains of grease on suede can be cleaned with gasoline – they moisten cotton swab and gently, with light rubbing movements, treat the contaminated area of the product. Things give soak for about an hour, after which it is cleaned with a brush.
After treatment, shiny fat suede things can still be dirty. Then they will have to clean detergent for wool and other delicate materials. You do not need to wet the thing just whisk right sparing agent in the lush foam and, grabbing her brush, move in the direction of the fibers. Refreshing shoes or clothes, blot the dirty foam sponge dry.
Useful advice
For greater effect, cleaning absorbent powder can be pre-heated slightly on a dry pan. Causing grease stain on a suede item, it's good to put a couple of layers of porous paper and flatten the thing on top of the press. To fat before the end of soaked, clean suede, you can leave it for a few hours.
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