You will need
  • - brush for nubuck leather;
  • - eraser;
  • - a hard brush;
  • - staining spray for nubuck and suede;
  • glue.
Gloves, bags and suede shoes look dressy, but quickly begin to Shine. To return your skin to a velvety surface, the product may be cleaned with a rubber brush to nubuck. Intensively treat the surface against the NAP. Zaslusheny place, RUB with a soft eraser or a special rubber for suede. Dark velour perfectly cleaned with a crust of rye bread.
If the exterior of the bag or shoes you are still not satisfied, treat the affected area with steam. Pour water into the kettle, bring it to a boil and place the shiny area to a couple coming out of the spout. Primaries hairs straightened. Be careful not to burn my hands. Such a procedure is not performed too often.
Stains from salt or water, which are often left on the shoes from suede, need to clear a rigid brush. If the light traces left, try to paint them with special paint for suede, and packaged in aerosol cans. If the area of the affected surface great, paint is not only faded places, but all the product.
Select tools on the darker tone of the original hue of the velour. Spray it on a clean dry surface, uniformly treating entire thing. Soles, welts and decorative items it is better to stick masking tape.
Primavista pile woolen fabric called velour is possible to lift ordinary massage hair brush or a brush with stiff bristles. Very good and a small slicker for Pets. Use them with caution – thin wire could tear the fabric. Gently brush a coat or a jacket against the NAP, and then smooth the fabric in the opposite direction.
Synthetic suede car seats are often suffering from cigarette ash. Rough movement – and a small but noticeable hole in the upholstery are provided. It is quite possible to disguise. With scissors cut a little pile in an inconspicuous spot and using superglue fasten the villi at the site of damage.