Start by rotating the Hoop. It is quite possible to do at home. First, use the simplest metal hula-Hoop. Every day select this activity for 15-20 minutes can be broken into 2-3 sets. Don't be alarmed if after the first few approaches you will have bruises on the waist, it will pass quickly. After a month or two can go to a heavier version of the hula-Hoop or massagers.
Give yourself cardio: running around the track or on a treadmill, bike, exercise spinning classes, step aerobics, etc. This activates the metabolism and the body itself finds and removes unnecessary.
Try to find a way to go to the pool. Swimming takes a tremendous amount of calories because the body spends it not only on physical activity, and to compensate heat loss in the cool water. While swimming works the whole body, allowing you to form a harmonious figure.
Do the exercises on the abdominal muscles. There are special options to the fat burning in the abdominal area. Lie on your back around the bench. Raise your legs, bend your knees and put your calves on the bench. Keep your hands behind the head or in the temples, you can cross on the chest. Do short quick lifts the torso up 30-50 times. Ensure that your shoulders and upper back off the floor.
In addition to exercises for burning the mandatory deep by pumping the press full lift back from a prone position into a sitting position and raising legs off the floor to perpendicular with him. When you can perform sit-UPS 12-15 times for one approach, you need to add additional weight, for example, to pick up the pancake from the rod.
Do exercises in statics. Sit on the floor, tilt the torso back, feet lift off the floor, if very difficult, slightly bend your knees. Hold this area for at least one minute, gradually increase the time to two to three minutes. The more rejected by the body and below the feet (but not on the floor), the more difficult it is to sit.
Static works even better strap. Press your toes and hands on the floor, lift the whole body and pull it to the bar, as in the initial position during push-UPS. So wait at least a minute, again gradually increasing the time.