These are the exercises of aerobics. To begin the lesson, you should be warming up for 20-30 minutes. The choice of style of aerobics should be done on the basis of the shape type. So, having a figure of "Apple" with a full stomach and lean limbs, it is better to use exercises from step aerobics and belly dance.
If you have the figure of "hourglass" with a uniform fatty deposits, choose brisk walking, Jogging or exercise on the elliptical trainer.
The owners of the "pear" figure, you should load the lower abdomen and hands, so they use exercises from tybo and body ballet.
Warming up your body with aerobics, start doing exercises to reduce belly fat. Do it 20 times in the 3-4 approach.
Direct twisting. Starting position – lying on back with legs bent, feet rest on the floor, hands behind his head. Pull the stomach and through the abdominal muscles to raise your upper body to the knees. To descend to its original position.
The reverse twisting. Original position – the same. Pull the knees bent legs to the stomach. To return to the starting position.
Inclinations of the case in hand. Standing, back straight, arms extended to the sides. Tilting the torso alternately to the left and right side, straining obliques.
To achieve a positive result, to perform the exercises you need with a maximum voltage below 15-repeat the abdominal muscles were tired. If your press is already trained, to enhance the load in the first exercise to take up a dumbbell, and the second is to put on leg weights. The third exercise can be done without weights, but at a more rapid pace.
To remove the subcutaneous fat from the abdomen, it is necessary to provide good blood flow to this area. So after exercise is useful to do a rubbing of the stomach MITT soaked alternately in hot and cold water. Suitable for slimming abdomen, and hydro (power shower), which also activates the elimination of toxins. Not be amiss after a workout to do abdominal massage using anti-cellulite cream.