Lie on the floor, legs fix for any heavy object (wardrobe, bed), palms put on the back of the head. With the exhale lift your upper body and fully seated. On the inhale take the original position of the body. Do 20 repetitions of exercise. If the full rise you yet it is pripodnimaet above the floor to the level of the blades, while the back is not round, reach forward with the chest.
Lie on the floor, hands along the body, legs straighten. Exhaling, lift up your right foot, inhale, lower it to the floor. With the next exhale, lift your left leg, inhale return to starting position. Do to 30 repetitions on each leg.
Lie on the floor, hands behind your head, bend your legs at the knees and pull to chest. On the inhale lower legs to the floor, but do not touch the surface. Exhale again, bend your knees and direct them toward your chest. Repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times.
Sit on the floor, hands lower along the body, legs straighten. On the inhale, tilt the upper body back and straighten your legs above the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. Lock the position for 1 – 1.5 minutes. Exhale lower to the floor and completely relax your stomach muscles. Repeat the exercise 4 more times.
Lie on the floor, hands behind your head, legs straighten. Exhale, pull right knee to chest, lift up off the floor and touch his left elbow. On the inhale lie down in initial position. With the next exhale, pull your left knee and reach up to him with your elbow. Repeat the exercise 20 times in each direction.