Diet program

Quickly remove deposits around the waist will help proper nutrition. Eliminate from the diet meals, which cause an increase in stomacha: legumes, yeast bread, pastries, sweet fruits. Discard foods and beverages that retain water in the body - these include all kinds of soda, coffee, alcohol, meats, pickles, sweets. Eat more green vegetables and cereals with addition of small portions of vegetable oil.

Eat often but in small portions. Be sure to follow the bowel. If there are problems, drink yogurt with added bran. In some cases, can help laxatives plant-based. But liking them is not worth it. Very useful and drinks, removing the liquid. Drainage effect have some medicinal herbs, for example, URSI and corn silk. Very useful freshly prepared drinks made of berries - bilberry, cranberry, red currant, cherries.

Follow the caloric intake. Reducing the amount of food does not fall below 700 kilocalories, otherwise the metabolism will slow down, and lose weight will fail. In observance of the nutrition program you are already on the third day you will notice that the silhouette becomes more fit.

The choice of exercises

Included in the program of the day daily half-hour exercises. If necessary, it can be divided into 2 complex for 15 minutes. Classes start with a warm up - walk, jumps on a place, tilting in different directions, swings hands at a rapid pace. Then do abdominal exercises.

Universal exercise for the oblique and straight muscles of the abdomen and the twist. Lying on your back, bend your knees, placing the feet near. Holding hands on head, raise your upper torso so that the blades were off the floor. Tense the muscles of the abdomen. Hold this position for 8 seconds and descend to the starting position.

Lying on back, raise straight legs above the floor and make them skrashivaya movement. Socks pull over, the head does not raise. Repeat 8-10 times, rest for 30 seconds and make a second approach.

Very effective exercise for the waist and oblique muscles of the abdomen. Kneel and then sit alternately right and left, while making swing straight arms in the opposite direction. Start with 10 repetitions and gradually increase their number to 20.

Train constantly. Every hour pull and relax the abdominal wall by 20-40 times. This exercise can be performed on the move, in transport or at work. It is important to repeat it every hour - the next day you will notice that the muscles acquire a tone.

Auxiliary means

Buy anti-cellulite cream or gel. It does not remove body fat, but will help tighten the skin and make it smoother. Twice a day after bathing apply on the problematic parts of the body, intensively rubbing and massaging the skin. You can use a massager. For example, a roller massager in the form of wide tapes with handles will help to reduce fatty deposits in the back and sides.

Buy shapewear. High waisted panty or tight grace pulled up the silhouette and helps maintain muscle tone. After a couple of weeks you will notice that the clothes became too big. This means that you have achieved the desired result, removing hanging from the sides and belly.