To quickly and effectively remove belly fat, you need to maximize the metabolism. This will help you a systematic and regular exercise, a balanced diet, in which calories from food, will be significantly less than consumed by the body.
Forget about a late heavy dinner, avoid fatty, fried, sweet, completely eliminate from the diet alcoholic and carbonated drinks. Eat at least 5-6 times a day, never skip Breakfast. This will help you to increase metabolism and get rid of the stomach quickly and effectively.
Start your day with a charging and a contrast shower. 30 minute exercise and aquatic therapy activates the metabolism in the body and you will feel fresh and energetic throughout the working day.
In addition to daily morning exercises spend at home exercises directed action that will help you build abdominal muscles quickly and get rid of fat on the abdomen.
Lie on the floor, pin your legs for sofa, bed or gym wall, lift the body at least 100-150 times. The first time you perform this exercise quite difficult, but as soon as the abdominal muscles will be strengthened, you will easily be able to perform the exercise in an intensive mode.
To strengthen the lower parts of the press and side muscle do the exercise, raising the legs at a 90 degree angle, hanging on the bar or the gym wall. This exercise is directional, which allows to form a muscular corset.
If you find it difficult to force yourself daily to do and to perform exercises in emergency mode, join a fitness center where trainings will be carried out under the guidance of an experienced coach, which will be set of exercises tailored to you.
In addition to exercise and healthy diet complete 20 procedures, cosmetic wraps, aimed at fast and effective elimination of body fat in the abdominal area, hips and thighs. To activate the metabolic processes and fat-burning are used natural active ingredients: honey, hot red pepper, seaweed, extracts of herbs. The procedure involves liberal application on the trouble spots of biologically active substances, and then carefully close the thermo and connect the micro-pulse device. In one procedure the waist is reduced by 0.5-1 cm.