Before going on a diet and go to the gym, do some cleaning intestines from toxins, which do not allow you to lose weight and stimulate the production of fat.
The best way to clean the body, time-tested and accessible to everyone is a douche that needs to be done for two weeks. During the cleaning, the volume of the stomach will decrease. Use an enema a solution of one and a half liters of water and spoons of salt. Clean the intestines and clean the liver — it should be the first step to getting rid of belly.
The second step is an active lifestyle. Sport and exercise can help keep muscles toned and will make your stomach fit and attractive, not allowing the skin to stretch and SAG.
Every day, lying on the floor, swing the upper and lower press 50 times, and do exercises with a massage hula Hoop (the Hoop). Twist hula warms your muscles, increases blood flow, prepares the press to stress and is a good tool to use in between crunches.
Finally, the combine cleaning the body and the sports lifestyle with proper nutrition. Improper diet will negate all your efforts.
Get rid of fatty, sweet and high-calorie foods. Drink plenty of water — at least 2 liters a day. Eliminate fast food, soda, flour and fried. Eat more vegetables, fruits, cereals.

Following the correct diet, working out and cleansing the body of toxins, you can restore a beautiful slender figure in no time.