A balanced diet helps albeit not quickly, but effectively to lose weight (fasting helps to lose subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue).A balanced diet is a way of human nutrition, which it gets completely all the necessary elements, but they are limited to standards. Eating balanced should be excluded from the diet foods, fried food, food containing animal fat. Food must be fractional, about 5 times a day, small portions. Eating, weigh portions, counting calories. The daily intake of calories should not exceed 1800, the amount of food consumed, the weight will be discharged gradually and not to gain again.
Starting the process of losing weight, exercise should be included from day one. To start with light loads, increasing them gradually. There are lots of developed complexes of exercises for slimming the abdomen and thighs, for example "Press for the Hollywood system" or "weight loss Program from Jillian Michaels. In the morning the man wakes up in an instant, however, the body to recover after sleep needed 2 hours, this means that the first 2 hours after sleep it is not necessary to perform the exercises, as it gives an increased load on the organs and suffering from overstrain heart. Before bed exercises to execute is not worth it, it will interrupt your sleep, making him restless due to the fact that you will lead your muscles in tone.As a result of sports internal fat, enveloping bodies, cleaved and converted to the subcutaneous muscle.
Sitting on the balanced diet people drinking in the day at least 2 liters of pure water, losing excess weight due to the breakdown of fatcells ovyh, not dehydration (dehydration) of the body.Waking up every morning and put in a prominent place a bottle with two liters of clean water. Water should not be carbonated or mineral, is better suited to pure water subjected to filtration, it is chemical reactions in the body and helps break down fatyou.
Deciding to adjust the abdomen and thighs, removing them fatin the first place it is necessary to determine whether the extra volume in this area the risk to your health, or simply aesthetically spoils the perception of your figure. It's easy to do at home without resorting to expensive surveys. For this you need to measure the circumference of their waist and hips. Then divide the first value by the second. For women the maximum available coefficient of 0.7, and for men is 0.95. If your ratio exceeds this number, you should sound the alarm, because it means that the fat has become deposited around the internal organs – intestines, liver, kidneys, worsen their work and will cause great harm to your health. This process is reversible, if in advance to take up the process of weight loss abdomen and hips.
By following these simple rules fat around the waist and hips is significantly reduced in a short period of time.