You will need
  • check "Vkontakte".
Unique IP code of the address of the node in the network with which the Internet between devices the data is transferred. Experienced IP address allows to extract from the computer the necessary information about the device and its owner, to trace all user actions on the Internet.
To find out the IP of your computer quite easily, especially if you are registered in a social network "Vkontakte", which allows to find out required information about the unique address of the hardware. In just a few seconds a special application of the website will give you the number of your and only your unit. Please note that this program allows you to examine only information about the computer from which you entered the website. To perform the IP of other users of this app.
To take advantage of the special offer site and find out your IP address, enough from your page "Vkontakte" go to the following address: and wait a few seconds. Then in the opened window will have a combination of numbers separated by dots. This character set will be the IP of your computer.
Optionally, you can define the IP of other users. This service is also available "Vkontakte". To use it, you need to go to the page with the address where is the special group called "Learn the address of any person by IP".
If necessary, this website will help you to get information about the IP the desired person. It's enough to specify any of its contact details: ICQ number, e-mail, the identification number "Vkontakte" and others. Obtaining this information is reported in the section "About the company" in this group does not require financial costs. That is, this service is free of charge.