You will need
  • - the account "Vkontakte";
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - the mobile phone.
The number of posted friends and the unread messages in a social network "Vkontakte" will be shown in the left part of your personal page next to "My messages". In order to read them, go to this section and select the dialogue. Please note that on the page "Dialogues" is specified, only the last sent message from each of friendsif you choose this option, you will see the whole history of correspondence.
New unread messages are social networks a light blue background. This rule applies to both your messages and letters of the interlocutor. Ie until you've read a message sent to a friend in a standard way, on his page in the section "Dialogues" it is marked blue.
If you want to read the message, but do not want the source found out about this, click "My messages", in the opened window search for your message, highlighted in blue. On it do not click, instead click on the name and surname of the interviewee listed next to his photograph. You will see his personal page. On this page, right under the photo, select "Send message" and click on it. Next, choose "go to dialogue with ..." (the name of the person) and read all of the correspondence, including the last new message.
Then you can go again to your page, selecting the appropriate item on the left. If you did everything correctly, you are interested in the message will not change the light blue background to white, and next to "My messages" will indicate the number of unread messages as before.
If you use cellular communication operators, MegaFon, Beeline, or MTS, you can view sent you to the page "Vkontakte" messages and answer them directly from your mobile phone, even if it is not configured with Internet access. To do this, connect the alert in "Settings" on your personal page: next to "Receive private messages from ...(username) via SMS" tick. To quickly reply to the message you want to send an SMS, starting with the numbers listed at the end of the received message. Before service use, learn about its value from an operator.