Go to the website of the mailer.
Click on the link "Forgot password".
In the window that appears, enter the username of the mailbox. Click "Next".
On the new page, select the password recovery method: using the telephone, using a secondary email address or secret answer. Click "Next".
Enter the code from captcha is a special image, designed to protect the system from bots.
If you selected recovery with your phone, enter the phone number provided during registration. After that you phone will receive the verification code that you must enter in the box on the page. Then enter a new password by email. This feature is available to users who have activated the service password recovery via phone. This service is free of charge. Click "Next".
If you choose a restore using an additional email address, you are in for an additional mailbox that you specified during registration will receive a link to change password. Follow the link and enter a new password by email. To enter an additional mailbox at registration is optional, so this function is available only to users who did this during registration.
If you choose to restore using the secret question on the next page the system will prompt you to answer the secret question you chose during registration. Enter the answer to security question and if the answer is correct, you will load a new page. Then enter a new password by email. This method is often used by hackers, as many users ask the common questions, the answer to that is easy to pick up.