You will need
  • - Internet access
Refer to common social networks such as "Classmates", "My world", "Vkontakte", "Facebook was published", etc. Possible person, e-mail address which you search, is a registered user of one of these networks. However, this still does not guarantee that his data are in the clear, and does not exclude such a possibility. But on websites such as "My Circle" and the like, e-mail address is essential for connection with other Internet users.
Try to find e-mail of the person using the program search engine. Enter the information and search. If people anywhere on the Internet posted their contact details publicly, they will become known to you.
If you know in what school learned you are interested in people, try to find his email address on the websites of higher educational institutions in the section "Our graduates of different years". Some people leave their contact information.
If the person whose address you want to know, are still studying in University or working in a certain institution, please contact the Dean's office or the personnel Department. Motivate your request is urgent need for the transfer of important materials.
Ask a person of your interest to send you a letter with any "relevant" information, in this case, you will see his email address. This option is available if you have other methods of communication, but to ask an e-mail directly for any reason is not possible (for example, you liked girls).
If the person whose address you are looking for is the official, it is possible he has a personal website, which is the desired information in the section "Contacts".