First of all, you should understand that the spelling of names in English letters (transliteration) have several options. For example, the name ends in "iy". It is possible to write in four ways: "yi", "y", "ii", "ij". Or name ends with "elev". The end of the transliteration might be: "ilev", "ylev". Find all possible spellings of the surname of the person you are looking for and write them separately.
There are typical patterns how to spell email address. Often in the beginning is the first letter of the person's name. For example, John Smith will look like i.petrov. More difficult if the first letter of the person's name begins with the sound represented by two English letters. For example, Fedor, English, f is denoted as Ph. Fedor can also be written in the English style Theodor or Theodore. Then we can get the two options denote the first letters of the name: "p" and "t".
Spellings and splitting name and surname in the email address quite a lot. If you take the example of "John DOE", you can give an example of such templates: petrov@, i.petrov@, i_petrov@, i-petrov@, ipetrov@, ivan.petrov@, ivan_petrov@ ivan-petrov@, ivanpetrov@.
If you know the first name of the person you want to find, you can try to use it in the creation of an email template. Take our example: "Ivan Sergeevich Petrov". As a result, you can get these templates: i.s.petrov@, is-petrov@, ispetrov@, is_petrov@. You should take into account the age of the person you are searching for. If this man is not young, the higher the probability that he uses the address of the name and patronymic.
All you have to do the last - to figure out what is after the icon @. If you know the place of work of the person that interests you, you can watch the website of the company where he works and what's corporate e-mail. If the place of work, you do not know, there is a well-known mail servers. After the icon @ you can safely put,,,,, Nowadays, almost every person, in addition to corporate and home mail there is a mailbox on one of those servers. Your letter will find its recipient.