You will need
  • The account "Vkontakte", the account "My world" account, ICQ, Internet access.
Read the information on the personal page. It often happens that the users specify in addition to the major addresses and even electronic. If email not provided, please note on account ICQ. By installing this application on your computer, locate the user account in the program. It is possible that you will find e-mail in the personal data of your friend.
Collecting basic information about the user, such as name, surname, age, use search in a social network "My world". If you find the right person, then you also automatically know his e-mail address on the website Mail you can see in the address bar of the page. For example, the page with the address "" matches Inbox
Please note the link that belongs to the user's page in a social network "Vkontakte". Let's see how it is written. Instead of the usual symbols and ID numbers you can check alphabetic inscription. As a rule, it is not a meaningless combination of symbols, and certain personal information, which may be identical to the login of the mailbox. Also often as a login email use the Latin spelling of the name and last name in combination with date of birth. Write down the possible options for logins.
Check out the options collected in the major email services. Quickly check whether there is a mailbox in two ways. In the first case, try to register a new email with the selected username. If it is busy, the system will inform about it. Another option is an attempt to recover a forgotten password. If the username is already registered, you will be prompted to answer a security question or enter a phone number. Found mailboxes, especially those that are rare and unusual name, may belong to the desired user and be tied to his account on the social network.
Socialize with friends and acquaintances of the user. Quite possibly, many of them know a mailing address of a person of your interest. If the conversation you're convincing enough, they can give that to you.