To change Inbox, go to your page Vkontakte. Left mouse click on "My settings" located in the left menu. After you have passed on the link, you will open the advanced settings where you can specify a new email address.
Lower down the page or scroll with the mouse roller. You will see one of the option "Change primary e-mail". With it you will be working with.
Enter your new email in the line "New e-mail" and then click "Change e-mail". After that, both your mail-confirmation about the change of email. You will alert system Vkontakte after data gets to the server.
Now you need to go to the old Inbox that you originally used to operate the site, find the email from the OpenID and open it. The letter will tell you about the need to confirm the desire to change the e-mail. This is to ensure that an attacker in possession of your password, not able to fully take over your page. In order to confirm the new mailbox, click on the link provided in the email.
After you have gone to the link, the system will notify you that the activation code on your ex-box is adopted, and it now remains to wait for the activation code from the new email.
To confirm the last code, go to your new e-mail address that you specified in the settings. There you will also see a letter from the administration of Vkontakte, which you will need to open. To complete the change mailbox again, click on specified in the letter. Now you have entered the last required code.
After you click on the link, the system will inform you that your e-mail was successfully changed. Now you can log in to the site using the new data.