Advice 1: How to become a fairy with wings

Fairies – adorable creatures from fairy tales and cartoons that have incredible skills and insanely beautiful. Fairies can fly, perform magic rites, to fulfill desires. Become a fairy with wings – the dream of many young girls and girls.
how to become a fairy with wings
Currently, there is evidence to the fact that some people have supernatural powers. Some can read minds, others see the past and the future, and others move objects with my mind. These skills are rarely innate-they develop in a person over time, as he trains them. So with a strong desire and belief in yourself to become a fairy with wings could be almost any who will make this effort.
In the ancient magical books described the many rituals that help to turn into a fairy. The best day to turn into a fairy – full moon. This day is intended to happen help power the sky. To become a fairy, take the paper and a glass, pour in clean water, and on the paper write your wish. Hold the glass to the window and put the disc of the moon reflected in the water. Repeat three times his desire to dip in the water sheet so that the inscription is wet. Then roll the paper and throw it out the window, and the glass put on the night under the bed. In the morning, you have to become a fairy with wings. However, the method will be most effective if the water will be collected from seven rivers and seven lakes, and the inscription is written in real ink.
There is another way to become a real fairy with wings. You need to learn meditation. Those who are engaged in yoga, to make plans will not be easy. For transformation, sit comfortably and concentrate on your desire, imagine that you grow wings and you can fly. Carefully visualize all the details. Try to get out of your physical body, try to look at yourself as if from outside. Look how you have grown wings, they're so beautiful and long. They try to wave and get off the ground. Do this exercise regularly, and then you get to be a fairy with wings.
Useful advice
Before you turn back into a fairy with wings, believe in yourself. Be confident in your success. Those who doubt their abilities will never be able to achieve.

Advice 2: How to draw a fairy in pencil

In order to portray the fairy, you need to combine in one picture the girl's body and the wings of a butterfly and to consider, where fabulous character home – near lake, in the forest or in the valley. Depends on the detail of the figure, the position of the hands and feet.
How to draw a fairy in pencil
Start drawing from images of ordinary girls. Do not press on the pencil to outline it turned out light and weightless.
Draw the body of a fairy. Usually these fairy tale heroines depict thin and without magnificent forms. Make the chest fairies are narrow and elongated, the waist must be present, but the silhouette should be similar to an hourglass.
Draw the hands. They can be separated or stacked in any gesture. In any case, the movements of the fairies has a special grace, to reflect that in the picture. You can use as an example the standard position of the hands of the dancers, but don't make them too muscular. Draw long fingers, they should not be stretched.
Swipe the contours of the feet fabulous heroine, they should be thin and long, don't make your feet bulky. Your fairy can wear shoes without heels, or walk barefoot. Observe the proportions of the body, despite the elongation of the limbs, length of arms and legs should match each other.
Draw a long neck, thin lines. Draw a small head. The fairy's hair should not be straight, but unruly curls she, too, will not work. The best option – cascading wavy curls. They can collect in the hair or left loose.
Give facial features serenity. If you draw the forest fairy elven origin, and point out the upper part of the ears. Select a subtle lip line, eyebrows make thin.
Start drawing the details. Dress up your fairy in a dress of light material, choose the length that you like. Decorate the robe, and hair colors.
Complete the drawing of the butterfly wings behind fairies. They should match the size of the image to be tiny or too heavy. Draw on the wings of the ornament, select the light and dark areas.
Erase the auxiliary lines.
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