You will need
  • - scented oils/candles;
  • - paper and pen.
Prophetic dreams are different. Artificial arise from the obsessive thoughts about a subject or event. Often we dream about interchange what we think for a long time, and then it happens in real life. Other dreams are symbolic. In these can dream anything, and the decrypted vision is embodied then in reality. The third type of prophetic dream is true. It is the small details coincide with reality.
Some people have the gift to see prophetic dreams. But this is not the case for most of us. To call a prophetic dream is possible, it is necessary to tune. The best time to induce prophetic dream – the last days of the growing phase of the moon. Don't go to bed on an empty or full stomach. One should not call a prophetic dream, being sick.
For starters, relax and release the tension using the bath. Add the water, mix of essential oils: 2 drops of geranium oil, lavender, sandalwood and 1 drop of ylang-ylang. Remember that pregnant women are not advised to use aromatherapy. In the room where you will sleep, light the scented candles with the smell of sandalwood.
Possible Lodge for the night alone. Before bed think about the situation where you want to deal with sleep, or the question the answer to which you want to receive. Meditate looking at a candle flame (defocused eyes, don't look in the center of the fire). When you feel ready to sleep, jot down your thoughts on paper. Remember, the clearer you will formulate the question, the more likely to get an answer.
In the morning, do not rush to get up, first try to recall the dream in detail. Try not to miss the memory of what he saw at night. Supplement your record with new impressions and thoughts. Don't tell your prophetic dream to anyone, especially if he's good.
If you want to call a prophetic dream, but I'm afraid to see something bad, hang over the bed of the so-called dream catcher is an Indian talisman from willow rod, thread, beads and feathers. According to legend, he drives away bad dreams, and good dreams delays. With it, you'll only remember the favorable prophetic dream.